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We've found the perfect shoes to ease the pain and discomfort of bunions this summer.

Bunion sandals
Helps relieve and redistribute pressure on affected joints
Lightweight and durable
Unlike other sandals, Milenamm sandals are very comfortable, ultra-light and durable.
Perfect for summer
Available in various colours, you can combine them with any look this summer.

About Milenamm

Mild discomfort caused by a bunion can be significantly reduced by wearing these sandals.
  • Different designs that make these sandals the perfect complement to combine with any look this summer.
  • The latest technology in anti-slip materials help to absorb the impact of walking and increase stability.
  • They help alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by bunions when walking for long periods of time.
Don't miss out on yours!

Main advantages:

Orthopaedic sandals for women
The best orthopaedic sandals to prevent and relieve the pain caused by bunions.
and anti-fall
Thanks to the materials of the sole, these sandals help prevent falls, are non-slip and very comfortable.
They protect the bunion area to avoid painful friction and separate the big toe from the second toe.
Easy to
Perfect for any occasion. Can be worn indoors as well as for parties, shopping, walking, etc...
pain relief
Comfort and pain relief for your feet at the same time.
The perfect gift for family and friends with bunion problems.


Are the sandals slip-resistant?
Yes, the sandals have an excellent non-slip effect and do not slip.
Are they comfortable to wear all day?
Thanks to the material they are made of, these sandals are very comfortable, ultra-lightweight and very durable.
Are they effective in relieving the pain caused by bunions?
Yes, these sandals help to modify the altered position of the big toe to the ideal one.
Are there any offers available?
Yes, they have a launch promotion of 50% discount.
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